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Tax Controversy: Key Concepts For Navigating An HMRC Enquiry

Tax Controversy: Key Concepts For Navigating An HMRC Enquiry
Tuesday 24 September, 12.00 BST/13.00 CEST
Presenters: Daniel Lyons, Annis Lampard, Michael Pape

Businesses are receiving more tax enquiries and the average enquiry now lasts for three years – a significant increase from even 12 months ago. At the same time, many businesses have been fortunate enough not to have an enquiry for some years. What does an enquiry today potentially look like and what does that mean for your organisation? We’ll discuss:

  • Different types of disputes with HMRC and what the opening of a dispute might look like
  • Key powers that HMRC utilise during a dispute
  • Interaction between HMRC and the business during a dispute
  • How these points link with the wider public debate on tax, tax transparency and HMRC’s powers

Learn more about how disputes currently start and what your business might encounter during an enquiry. Following webcasts in the series will look at the different routes to resolution and common themes in business’ experience of enquiries.


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