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UK Spring Budget 2017

UK Spring Budget 2017

9 March 2017, 11.00 GMT/12.00 CET
Host: Bill Dodwell
Presenters: Daniel Lyons, TBC

The timing of the annual UK Budget is moving from spring to autumn. As part of this transition, there will be two Budgets in 2017. The Chancellor will deliver his first Budget – the Spring Budget – on Wednesday 8 March. Various tax pronouncements and the setting of the Government’s agenda for taxation matters going forward are expected, together with an update on the state of the Nation’s finances. What changes will be in store?

We'll summarise:

  • How the UK’s economy is changing.
  • Measures affecting businesses, both directly and as employers.
  • Our analysis of the taxation of individuals.
  • Indirect tax changes.

Discover what the Spring Budget means for you and your organisation.

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